Thursday, March 8, 2012

coffee swirl yogurt cake

I love coffee ... and sometimes, crave for coffee tasting treats. I have been searching the net for coffee cake recipes for quite awhile but, to my surprise (well, I may be uninformed), coffee cake mostly refers to cake that goes well with coffee, not coffee tasting cake.

But... I am looking for coffee tasting cake recipes. Choices are really limited. So when I finally stumbled across this coffee swirl yogurt cake, I just went ahead and tried.

I made twice, first with fresh expresso coffee from my Nepresso machine & olive oil, then with Ipoh White Coffee 3-in-1 powder & butter.

This is the one done with fresh expresso and olive oil.

This is the one done with Ipoh White Coffee and butter.

Both of them couldn't be more different in outlook and taste. The one with Ipoh White Coffee & butter definitely tastes better and with stronger coffee taste; the one with real expresso coffee has really limited trace of coffee but the olive oil makes it looks so much prettier, with a sheen of dark brown crust.

From this 2 trials, I realised coffee tasting cake may be limited simply bcoz it's not easy to bring out the coffee taste in cake.

And I did learn a valuable lesson, ingredients play such a HUGE role in baking result.

Lastly, I think it's such fun to experiment with simple recipe... provided, the result turns out ok and there are enough people in the household to help you finish it :).

Oh... and my search for coffee tasting cake recipe continues...

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