Wednesday, May 16, 2012

handmade bow brooch

This is not a baking related post, but I am quite fond of the result, so just decided to share it here.

I like browsing the web for handmade item ideas (other than baking recipes :) ), esp those done using recycled items and are simple enough for someone without much DIY skills. I always think that turning something old or unusable into something beautiful and useful again is a cool and responsible act, which we busy concrete jungle dwellers on this island state have almost no time for. It is more time efficient to just pack up those unusable/unwanted stuff, toss them down the chute and go shopping again. No?

I personally find a beautiful mess a gem, a full of interesting ideas and most are practical too. Plus point, her blog is so pretty to look at.This bow brooch is adapted from her bow tie idea.

To make the bow brooch, I used a top which doesn't fit me anymore but I kept all these while bcoz I like the colours and the fabric. Instead of a blow clip, I used a small safety pin since I didn't want to purposely go shopping for a brooch pin for this purpose.

The step-to-step photo explanation of a beautiful mess's blog is easy to follow but I have to make some simple adjustment along the process due the fact that the fabric I used is quite thick and the thread from the fabric kept falling off. I couldn't just iron and hand fold it for the bow to take shape but have to sew it from step to step. But all in all, it took me less than 45 mins to finish the job.
This is how it looks on me, and I wore it to work that particular week right after I finished it. Of course, some colleagues noticed it and commented how unique it is :).

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