Saturday, August 18, 2012

childhood coconut tarts

I wrote about my craving for my childhood coconut tarts in my last post... and so happened that I had a trip back to Penang last week. So how could I not drop by the shop and buy some for myself?

So here it is...

I used the plastic bag that came with the tarts as the base for me to shot the tart :p

The shop has moved from it's old location at the back alley to one that is along a main road. The shape of the tart has changed slightly as well. It used to be elongated oval shape but now it's round. But the taste and texture are still the same as I remember it to be.

The base is made of flaky pastry, the filling is of rich sweet savoury coconut paste (that contains full body shredded coconut) and the it's topped with buttery crumble. All the different textures make each bite a truly enjoyable experience... aaaaww....

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