Sunday, July 3, 2011

fruit pastry cake

I came across HHB's blog few weeks ago while searching for cake recipe with fruits and fell in love with her beautiful fruit pastry cake. I made up my mind that I will definitely try out the recipe.

On last Friday night, I finally got the chance to go and buy all the necessary ingredients. I made the batter using 2/3 portion of her recipe and decided to test out my newly bought teddy bear mold. Since the leftover of the portion would be too small to make a decent cake on my 8-inch pan, I decided to go back to my trusted muffin tray and made 6 cup cakes.

The result was definitely satisfying. The teddy bear cakes came out cute (they were done in 20 mins) and the 'muffin' cake took approx 5 mins longer. The cakes tasted soft, moist and I found them to be quite similar to 'kuih bahulu' texture. I am not too sure whether it was due to the use of cake flour instead of plain flour as stated in original recipe, but I like it.

I took some of the cakes for my colleague's son the next day and the boy finished them at one go. She has since asked me for the recipe :). I also gave some to another colleague's daughter when they drop by my place in the evening.

There were still some leftover fruits from Friday so I decided to make another cake today since my husband didn't get a chance to eat. This time round, again I used 2/3 portion but put everything into an 8-inch cake pan. The cake took me 45 mins before the toothpick came out clean. I covered the cake with aluminium foil for the last 10 mins since I was worried that the surface may turn too brown when I tested it at 35 mins.

My husband liked it too and the 2 of us finished half the cake at one go. This is definitely one recipe to keep.

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