Sunday, January 1, 2012

Colours of Spring

With Xmas just passed and the calendar just flipped to 2012, another festive occasion is already waiting around the corner ... It's less than a month to Chinese New Year !!

I am all excited about this Chinese New Year. It will be the first time we are introducing our little one to families in Penang & Alor Setar :). At the same time, it is quite nerve wracking too, considering that we are really not sure how he will respond to those new environments for 10 days!!

Part of CNY is about the preparation: spring cleaning, cookies making, food buying.. and of course, house decoration too!

This year.. I stir away from the traditional RED and made some colourful pastel origami cherry blossom flowers. I know, cherry blossom is not exactly Chinese but .. hey.. who says these aren't plum blossom? Further more, they make such wonderful addition to the window/wall and they exude such happy vides. Isn't CNY about celebrating cheerfulness and looking forward to the brand new year??

These are the individual petals, stacked and waiting to be glued together. The steps to make these can be found here.

These are the completed flowers, waiting to be put up.

This is how the finished window/wall looks like. Some of the items look familiar? Yes, the balls and the glittery loops are recycled from Xmas deco :).

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